Meet Our Team

Pamela Junior, Campaign Manager

Pamela Junior is a Corporate legal assistant for over 35 years. She is a Brooklyn activist who has served on CB#16 as an executive member and served on the women’s, land use and economic development committees. The D.Y.C.D. Neighborhood Advisory Bd. as Chairperson, the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club as a key member, and continues to serve on several boards specializing in Women’s issues. She is ready, willing and able to continue assisting the community and brings the knowledge necessary to assist in furthering the development of the district.

Johnnymae Robinson, Campaign Liaison

Johnnymae Robinson Is a Community Activist for over 40 years. A mother of 3 sons one deceased as a result of Gun Violence in 1999, she became actively involved in the Brady Campaign of 2000. She is the program director for What about the children, Inc. which services hundreds of youths; and currently holds positions on several boards and specializes with non for profit community organizations. She has inside knowledge with NYCHA housing, NYCHA construction skills 2000, Section 3, Workforce 1 partner, back to Work Program, Resident Employment Services, VASH –assisting veterans to obtain public housing with a Section 8 voucher, and Resident Watch Program. She has lived in Ocean-Hill Brownsville for over 40 years and is about making  the change that is needed for generations to come.


 Richard Swinson, Communications Director

Richard Swinson has served as a Community Service Advocate, focused within the Brownsville area of Brooklyn for 45 years, beginning in 1968 with the Brownsville Community Council. Richard specializes in community organizing, crisis intervention, tenant rights, AIDS/HIV care and services to the developmentally challenged. Richard is a certified Mentor to the young men of Brownsville and is always motivating them toward positive directions in education and employment careers. He is a results-driven advocate and is prepared to continue lending his knowledge and experience to district 41.

 Prince Yeriel Issachar, Faith Leader Liaison 

Minister Prince Yeriel Issachar is a Faith Leader and co-founder of the Hebrew Israelite congregation. He resides within the Brownsville Community and serves on the 73rd pct. Clergy council.  He is a member of Community Board #16 and works diligently to serve his community. He has provided numerous services to seniors through his food pantry programs as well as being a retired United States Air Force veteran who understands the plight of veterans returning from service and assists men statewide through mentorship, business ownership and faith based instruction. He is a strong role model who is equipped to make necessary changes with the men and women within the district.

 Deirdre Lindsay, Community Outreach

Deirdre Lindsay is a Business entrepreneur with a vast knowledge of Real Estate & home ownership retention. She has a master’s degree in Psychology and an Associate’s degree in paralegal studies. She assists chemically addicted substance abusers and formerly incarcerated persons with job placement and permanent housing. Since 1990 she has helped numerous people to get off drugs and assisted the homeless in getting their lives back on track and securing housing. Deirdre is very multi-talented and ready to help in all areas to improve our district.

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