Meet Deidre OLIVERA

Candidate For 41st District City Council

Deidre Olivera is a Brooklyn native who is a longtime member of the Laborers International Union of North America and a Building trades affiliate. She has genuine love for people and has been on the forefront of Community Activism and social justice for over 25 years.  As a single mother and small business owner, she knows how important it is to preserve the middle class worker, and is prepared to represent us in NYC Council, so that the American Dream remains attainable for us all.

She understands the myriad of issues that face a diverse community like the 41st District.  Her in-depth knowledge and experience with construction, Affordable housing and homelessness issues, Small business ownership, youth and education challenges and community organizing proves that her passion is to stand for what is beneficial to all, at all times.

Her past experience includes:

  • Working as a Skilled Laborer/Journeywoman on various bulding projects ranging from cement and concrete foundations, excavations, upper structures and high rise building
  • Advocating for Affordable Housing and eradicating homelessness in an Executive capacity
  • Owner and Founder of “Woman Up!” specializing in assisting Women in blue collar fields
  • PTA President PS 156 Waverly School of Arts
  • Co vice chair for Millennial Brooklyn High School
  • Certified NYC/S MWBE industrial supplier
  • Community organizing and leading multiple community and cultural projects

Her extensive history has strongly prepared her to tackle a variety of issues that the 41st District is currently facing. She is more than qualified and prepared to stand for:

  • Affordable Housing and eradicating homelessness
  • The right to collective bargaining
  • Preserving Prevailing wage
  • Worker Safety
  • Women’s rights & Gender Equality
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship support
  • Quality Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Security for our seniors

Currently, as the Editor-in-Chief for The Brownsville Collective Community Newspaper, she possesses the knowledge and relevance to address the needs of the community.  With over 25 years experience, she continues to faithfully serve her community and beyond with fortitude and love.  She knows that “together, we can make a difference” and is the best Candidate for the 41st District City Council Seat.

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